A Social Media Moment: Knowing Boundaries

Our nurse-practitioner-of-infinite-awesome, Mary Hesdorffer, brought to my attention that on our Facebook page there has been more and more activity appearing, people ranging from mesothelioma survivors to those surviving loved ones lost. She mentioned to me that she got an impression from some new to Facebook that they were not sure what is appropriate and inappropriate to share on the Facebook platform. For many of our users, the visit to our online group or fan page is their first foray into the social network. Where do you begin to figure out the rules of engagement, as it were?

Well, your answer really is in what Facebook is all about, isn’t it? Facebook is a social network, so it’s all about being social. While completing your profile (which I suggest you do because the more complete profile, the easier it is to connect and interact with people) is important, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you classify yourself as a private person. The thing to keep in mind with Facebook is it is very much like any social interaction: you have boundaries, just as others do, and you must respect them.

This may sound funny, particularly from the guy who just last week was telling you to “Share! Share! Share!” Trust me — there is a method to my madness. Continue reading “A Social Media Moment: Knowing Boundaries” »

A Social Media Moment: The Importance of Sharing on Facebook

With my arrival to the Meso Foundation, I have decided to offer a new segment from time to time here on the blog. With “A Social Media Moment” we offer a quick tutorial and commentary on getting the most out of social media in order to raise awareness in the pursuit of a cure. —TM


At the Meso Foundation we are all about mesothelioma awareness, and in our social media initiative one of our most powerful and influential tools is Facebook. With both a Group Page and a Fan Page, we are reaching out to the world with our message and advocacy, but in the brief time I’ve been on board I have noticed a trend that tends to go overlooked in one of our most powerful platforms. What I see is people going to our respective pages and “Liking” what they see (which is great – please keep doing that!) but not sharing what they like.

What’s the difference? Quite a bit, actually.

First, you’ll hear many seasoned social media experts go on (and on…) about the importance (or, no kidding — Return on Investment) of a “Like” on Facebook. The “Like” is very important in that it is easily trackable, and when you like a page or a news item — be it our own Foundation’s page, a friend’s funny picture of the day, or a song shared via Spotify — it is a trackable statistic. At a glance, you can see how many times your page or news item has been liked, and your own profile page lets your network know that you have liked something today. Continue reading “A Social Media Moment: The Importance of Sharing on Facebook” »