Chapter 2 | Part 5: HIPEC and Dealing with Tubes Everywhere

by Christopher Graham
The other big part of the treatment for peritoneal mesothelioma, in addition to trying to remove all of the big, bulky disease you can see on the inside, is heated intra-peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in the OR, pumped through the belly, while they place you in different positions throughout that part of the case […]

Chapter 2 | Part 4: So What Happened During My 12 Hour Surgery?

by Christopher Graham
The operation itself lasted about 12 hours. They were expecting it to take more like 8 hours, but apparently there was a pretty significant amount of disease. They had to take out my spleen, distal pancreas, gallbladder, parts of the liver surface, and all of my right plus half of my transverse colon. […]