mesothelioma treatment

Choosing a Surgeon

No matter how minor the surgical procedure there is always risk involved. Some of the important questions that need to be addressed are: How many of these surgeries have you performed? How many this year and were they at this particular institution? Will I meet with other members of your team before surgery? What complications […]

Drug Cautions

Just got off the phone with the wife of a patient whose doctor recommended a new drug to treat her husband’s mesothelioma. They were excited to try this new drug until she spoke to her cousin, a nurse, who looked up the drug and cautioned against using it. We spoke soon after this call and […]

Provider Roles

Lately I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about who to contact and what is the expected role of the various health professionals that you come into contact with. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed you will either have a consultation with a surgeon, medical oncologist or both. There is a distinct […]

Decision to go the Alternative Route

I am not permitted to discuss individual patients for ethical reasons but I can certainly comment about how one should make a medical decison..  We have discussed informed consent at every medical meeting and patient based meeting.  The spirit of informed consent is that the patient is given full disclosure regarding the risks and benefits […]