mesothelioma insurance coverage


Please note that the following is one person’s experience and may not apply to your situation. Different states have different rules and laws, therefore, please consult with an expert, and make sure you have a full understanding of the consequences of each action, before applying for any benefits listed below.
by Mike Clements
As a 6-year survivor […]

Should a Patient Pay Cash for an Unapproved Treatment

These are desperate times and I often get asked the question “should I pay for a treatment that my insurance company is denying”?  This often becomes an option after a patient has received standard therapy and possibly one or more clinical trials.  Often a physician has a hunch that a particular drug might have activity in mesothelioma, […]

Second line Therapy

Following treatment with Alimta and Cisplatin you may have a respite period until your tumor begins to once again become active.  This is the time to explore second line therapy.  There are many drugs and combinations of drugs that have demonstrated some activity in mesothelioma but have not been studied in large enough numbers to get FDA […]