Chapter 3 | Part 6: Leaving the ICU with a Plan for the Future

by Christopher Graham
That sense of not being able to tell reality from imagination lasted a couple days. During the days it was okay, but at night it would be really bad. I had many conversations with people who weren’t there. I could hear them talking, talking about stuff that I was really interested in, even! […]

Chapter 3 | Part 3: The Single Worst Physical Experience

by Christopher Graham
My urine output for the first day or two was actually quite excellent. So good, in fact, that they removed the Foley catheter. I wasn’t sad to see that one go. I think we may have gotten the nasogastric tube out by that time too. But even though my kidneys had made good […]

Chapter 3 | Part 2: Admitting You Need Help

by Christopher Graham
Your perception of time changes greatly in the ICU. It’s very, very easy to get disoriented. You’ve just been through one of the most physiologically stressful things your body has ever experienced. You’re in an unfamiliar room with tons of lines, tubes, and monitors hooked up to you, in just barely manageable pain, […]