New Resources and Webinars for Family Caregivers of Mesothelioma Patients

Hands holding

Hands holdingIn November, we acknowledged National Family Caregivers Month by releasing information for caregivers and hosting two webinars on the topics of Medical and Palliative Care Decisions and Self-Care for Caregivers. Both webinars are available on demand free of charge at

With a loved one’s diagnosis of mesothelioma, the closest family member is often catapulted into the new role of caregiver. A caregiver, by definition, is an unpaid family member or friend that provides medical and emotional support to a patient.

These tasks are time-consuming and often physically and emotionally demanding. They easily interfere with the caregiver’s own life and work, and as a result can take a toll on the caregiver. However, research shows that caregivers who take care of their own needs and get the information, help, and support they require are better prepared to take care of their loved ones.

More detailed information for caregivers can be found at

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