New Prevention Education Brochures Available

Prevention Brochure

Prevention BrochureThe Meso Foundation would like to announce the arrival of our new prevention education brochure, Preventing Mesothelioma: How to Minimize and Avoid Exposures to Asbestos.

The new brochure provides information about preventing asbestos exposure and answers questions such as the following:

  • What is the role of prevention?
  • Why is asbestos dangerous?
  • Why is asbestos still an issue today?
  • Where is asbestos present in the home?
  • Am I at risk of asbestos exposure?
  • What is secondary exposure?
  • Who makes up the high risk population?

The brochure is part of our larger asbestos and prevention program. Within the program, we also offer informational classes for at-risk groups. These meetings, similar in structure to town hall meetings, educate those concerned about public exposure via abatement processes, construction projects, naturally occurring asbestos, and other areas.

To request brochures or to schedule an informational class, contact Diane Blackburn-Zambetti at (877)-363-6376 x3827 or at

Learn more about the Meso Foundation’s asbestos and prevention program at

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