The Meso Foundation’s Pioneer of the Year Award Recipient: Dr. David Sugarbaker, MD

At the Meso Foundation’s annual Symposium — this year, happening July 12-13 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC — individuals are bestowed honors for superlative service to the community, ranging from volunteer efforts to advancement in research. The Pioneer Award was designed to support individual scientists and clinicians of exceptional creativity who propose pioneering – and possibly transforming approaches – to major challenges in mesothelioma treatment and/or research. This year’s recipient of the Pioneer Award is Dr. David Sugarbaker. Dr. Sugarbaker in addition to his novel approaches to mesothelioma surgery has contributed a vast array of impressive research topics in peer reviewed medical journals.  He has trained many young surgeons and has inspired countless others to remain committed to mesothelioma research and treatment.

Have you made arrangements to join us — either virtually or physically — for this year’s symposium? The Meso Foundation Symposium 2012 takes place in Washington DC this year, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. This year, guests include Raja Flores, MD, Stephen Hahn, MD, Raffit Hassan, MD, Robert Kratzke, MD, Harvey Pass, MD, Daniel Sterman, MD, David Sugarbaker, MD, and Robert Taub, MD, PhD among others. Presentations include a wide range of topics covering the latest research, novel approaches to treatment, and reflective moments with members of the meso community. With so many amazing people in attendance, come join us in Washington DC or join us online as we at the Meso Foundation ask you “What’s Your Question?”

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