Newly Diagnosed Patients

Clinical Trials

I am so pleased to let those who are newly diagnosed know that there are a number of clinical trials either open or getting ready to open at sites across the country that offer  some exciting new options.  If you have not begun treatment please call me at 877 363 6376 X7275 so I can discuss all of the new options available to you.  Making appropriate referrals is important so time is not wasted.  I make these referrals based on stage of disease, type of mesothelioma, current and past health status and insurance.  Taking the time to made a good decision can positively affect your future. Welcome to the community, you will find great support and information on our site.  Take some time to get acquainted with the site as there is much to offer in terms of education and support .  If you have begun treatment we can discuss disease and symptom management and also look at what future treatment are available should you require a second line of treatment.

~Mary Hesdorffer, NP

Click here to contact Mary Hesdorffer, Nurse Practitioner or call 877.363.6376

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