NEW: Mesothelioma Prayer and Spiritual Support Groups

PrayerGroupGraphicOptimizedWe are pleased to announce the formation of two new groups for the mesothelioma community.  You are all invited to participate. Both groups are facilitated over the phone.

Monday afternoon, December 17th at 4 pm (EST), Rabbi Barbara Zacky will be initiating a group to focus on exploring spirituality titled “Promoting Spiritual Health and Managing Spiritual Distress.” This group is open to all denominations.  We are not sure how we will move forward with this new group and will be looking toward group members to self-identify  the needs of the group and explore ways to bring renewed sprit to those in need.

Christian Prayer Group: The Mesothelioma Prayer Group on Monday evening, December 17th, at 8 pm (EST) is a group of individuals who meet together to pray for and with each other. If you are a mesothelioma patient, someone caring for a loved one or have lost a loved one to mesothelioma, we would like to extend this invitation to you to join us in prayer. A mail box has been set up to receive prayer requests.

Please email to submit names for prayers. This group will be led by Ginger Horton and Rev Eric Linthicum.

Conference Dial-in Number for both calls:
(605) 475-4000 
Participant Access Code: 216145#

As this will be an open group please respect the privacy of group members by not using last name when asking publically for prayers.  For example “please pray for Johnny B” is acceptable.

Bios of Prayer Group Leaders

Rabbi Barbara Zacky, is well known for her gentle caring nature.  Her work is appreciated by people of all faiths.  She has a warm contemporary, open-minded approach to health, wellness and spiritual healing.  She provides spiritual care and guidance to patients, families, caregivers and people providing medical support. Barbara’s special abilities meet the individual needs of people dealing with loss of faith and hope and other related issues. Rabbi Barbara Zacky resides in Southern California and enjoys spending time with family, friends, nature and community service.

Rev. Eric Linthicum lives in Washington, DC with his wife Gwen. He is a pastor in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod and serving a congregation in Hyattsville, MD. Following 4 years in the Navy, Eric was a professional firefighter before entering the ministry. In 2009 Eric was diagnosed with mesothelioma. 

Ginger Horton lives in Asheville NC with her husband Jarrod. Prior to the diagnosis of mesothelioma Ginger had been a Preschool Director, a teacher, and a nanny. She was diagnosed in 2010 with mesothelioma. Ginger states, “God is my source of everything I need daily. He gives me peace, comfort, joy, and healing.” Ginger will celebrate her commitment to faith and the mesothelioma community through this group working closely with Rev. Eric.

Take a look at our other available support groups.

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  1. Mesothelioma is a much bigger problem than most people think. It’s definetely a silent killer. Most people can go years and years without knowing they have been exposed to asbestos

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