Despite Negative Results, Meso Foundation Grateful for Investment Into Disease

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The Meso Foundation released a statement from its executive director, Mary Hesdorffer, APRN, about AstraZeneca’s tremelimumab trial for mesothelioma.

In an AstraZeneca press release issued yesterday, the company states that “DETERMINE, the Phase IIb clinical trial of 10 mg/kg tremelimumab monotherapy in second or third-line treatment of unresectable malignant mesothelioma, did not meet its primary endpoint of overall survival.”

“We are thankful for the time, effort, and finances invested into developing and testing tremelimumab for second-line treatment of mesothelioma. Although disappointed about the results, we understand that all research leads to a deeper understanding of this cancer, and with each step we get closer to the answers our patients need,” said Mary Hesdorffer, executive director of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.

Mary added that her appreciation goes to AstraZeneca also for recognizing and treating mesothelioma patients as partners, and engaging them throughout the process in an effort to learn directly from them about their needs and challenges.

The press release from AstraZeneca can be found on the company’s website here.

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