New Search Tool Allows Easy Navigation of Funded Research Projects

MicroscopeThis week, we announced the release of a search tool which will enable users on the Meso Foundation’s website to easily search through nearly 100 mesothelioma research projects the organization has funded since its inception.

“As we continue funding important research, it has become very important to create easy ways to sort through that research,” said Maja Belamaric, the director of communications for the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. ”This tool enables users to search for projects by search criteria, including the scientist’s name, year funded, institution, and description keywords.”

The Meso Foundation has funded 94 projects amounting to over $9 million in funding. This month, the organization will complete another round of funding and will announce the additional awardees in early January.

The Meso Foundation’s research program follows a rigorous peer-review system modeled after that of the National Institutes of Health. Each year, the Meso Foundation’s Science Advisory Board, a body comprised of world renowned mesothelioma experts, examines and critiques the submitted projects. Those evaluated to be the most promising are submitted to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for funding. The number of grants awarded is based on the amount fundraised by the organization.

The new search tool can be used to navigate through research projects funded by the Meso Foundation at

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