Mesothelioma and the 2012 Election

IVotedThis is a very important year to vote! Not only do we have the Presidential election but every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs this year.  Do you know who will get your vote?

Mesothelioma has repeatedly been overlooked in medical research, and the mesothelioma community has rallied to ensure funding for meso research. Without research, there is no hope for the development of better treatments and A CURE. There is currently only one FDA approved treatment for mesothelioma that extends life by only 3 months. Take a few moments to educate yourself on the candidates and see where they stand on medical research:

  • See how Presidential nominees Barack Obama and Mitt Romney responded to questions posed to them about Cancer policy issues on the Cancer Votes website:

  • also posed questions to candidates for Congress.  Visit their website and choose your state to see if your candidates responded:

  • Research!America also asked candidates to complete a brief survey on health and research, see what your candidates had to say:

Exercise your right to vote!  It does make a difference.  We will be sure to give you opportunities to educate your elected officials on mesothelioma in 2013.

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