Meso Foundation to speak at BoRit Asbestos Superfund Citizen Advisory Group Meeting

Diane Blackburn-Zambetti

Diane Blackburn-ZambettiDiane Blackburn-Zambetti, the Director of Policy and Prevention Education at the Meso Foundation, will present an educational program titled “Asbestos and Your Health” at the BoRit Asbestos Superfund Citizen Advisory Group Meeting in Ambler, Pennsylvania tonight. This program will discuss anatomy, six types of asbestos, asbestos products, asbestos in the environment, asbestos diseases, symptoms, treatments, prevention and proper communication with your healthcare provider.

Ambler has a long history with asbestos, dating back to 1875 when a parcel of land was the home to an asbestos insulation factory. Over the years, this land has been separated into multiple parcels. The Bast parcel is located adjacent to a Superfund site and is the proposed site of a multi-unit apartment complex.

“If constructed, this apartment complex will be the first-ever residential housing project permitted on an asbestos waste disposal site in the United States,” Diane stated.

“In the year 2015, we are still suffering asbestos exposures from an insulation factory dating back to 1875. If this complex is approved, we will see asbestos disease for many decades into Ambler’s future,” she added.

The Citizens Advisory Group works with the EPA to find viable solutions to the asbestos pollution on the BoRit Asbestos Superfund site located at the confluence of Whitpain, Upper Dublin and Ambler townships. The Citizens Advisory Group is instrumental in protecting the residents of Ambler, and all residents are encouraged to participate in this open meeting.

Diane will speak at the meeting along with Keith Cengel, MD, PhD, who is a mesothelioma patient and radiation oncologist working in Philadelphia, PA.

This meeting will commence at 6:30pm tonight, Wednesday, April 1, 2015, at the Upper Dublin Township Building located at 801 Loch Ash Road, Fort Washington, PA 19034.

To learn more about the Meso Foundation’s new prevention program and Diane’s role at the organization, visit

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