Thank You from Mary Hesdorffer

Mary Hesdorffer

Mary Hesdorfferby Mary Hesdorffer, NP, Executive Director of the Meso Foundation

It feels like a time warp as we move from project to project, one day blending into the next. We are deeply immersed in planning three regional conferences before this year ends, and projecting what is in store for us in 2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of those who participated in our 2014 Symposium, which took place in early March. It is so important that we gather together to address the individual and global needs of the mesothelioma community. Weren’t our doctors amazing? I was so grateful that they came out in large numbers to support us and to impart valuable knowledge and support to those in need.

I would also like to thank the individual members of the staff who made the conference appear so effortless.

Erin Maas was responsible for the site location and all of the logistics that go along with running a conference. Thank you, Erin, for a job well done.

Maja Belamaric and Beth Posocco were in charge of communications and marketing the conference, work that is not always visible to the public. The live stream attracted nearly 600 viewers thanks to their tireless efforts to ensure that it was properly managed and advertised.

Erica Ruble was the unofficial hostess of the event making sure that everyone was welcomed and warmly introduced to others. Her fundraising knowledge and encouragement to others has helped us to grow exponentially.

Dana Purcell was responsible for planning many of the supportive care and fundraising sessions. I think we can all testify to a job well done and we look forward to her continued work on community events and individual fundraisers over the upcoming year.

Last but not least is our government affairs director, Jessica Barker. Jessica is well-known on the hill championing our causes and making valuable connections with politicians and government entities to provide our community with a strong voice in Washington. You will see Jessica making her rounds to many political events and she is a sage advisor to both Melinda and me. If you are planning to attend the ADAO conference taking place in Washington, DC in April, please introduce yourself to Jessica as she will be representing the Foundation at this asbestos-focused event. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, but I wish Linda Reinstein a successful conference.

Finally, our CEO Melinda is really owed a debt of gratitude for managing the business side of the Foundation and ensuring our financial health so we can remain strong in achieving the goals of our mission. It is a pleasure to work closely with Melinda as she brings her impressive non-profit background into the discussion and helps me to advance the scientific agenda of the Foundation, proving continuously that two heads are better than one!

Keep in close touch with me and let me know your thoughts on how we are doing. Also, we will soon be announcing the date and time for another telephonic town-hall meeting to discuss the future and current state of the Foundation.

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  1. Impressive, seamless, eye-opening, and a fount of hope are the words that come to mind immediately for the Symposium. I can only guess, but I think the staff might have added a paragraph or seven on Mary’s role. Well done, and sincere thanks, to all.

  2. Aida Savelesky | April 25, 2014 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    Mart, I am so grateful for all your work, and everyone else involved with the foundation. I am so hopeful for the future so much more more than before. I had surgery five years ago, and I am at this time cancer free, but always feRful that the other shoe will drop. My husband passed from Mesotheleoma in 2002. He was gone in three months. I was diagnosed in 2009 . I got it second hand.
    I feel so blessed, I have a small amount of pain from the surgery, but dear Mary I am still alive. You are an angel of hope for me.

    Blessings dear one,
    Aida Savelesky

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