Longest-Running Fundraiser Spreads Holiday Joy for 13 Years in a Row

2016 Christmas Breakfast and Bazaar

For the last 13 years, Joyce Mancini has been hosting her annual Christmas Breakfast & Bazaar in Tewksbury, Massachusetts to benefit the Meso Foundation.

Joyce’s event is held in memory of her father, George R. Brazee, who passed away after battling mesothelioma. Joyce first decided to host an event in 2004, and she had her father’s love for Christmas and community service in mind when she began planning.

“What better way to honor him and keep his memory alive? We wanted to raise awareness of this disease and help find a cure,” said Joyce.

After the success of her first event, Joyce began planning her second one right after Christmas and continues to do so every year.

When asked what has kept her motivated to continue fundraising for over a decade, Joyce said, “Hope. This is what keeps us going year after year. Praying someday they find a cure.”

The Meso Foundation is beyond grateful for the hard work and dedication of Joyce Mancini. Her annual event is one of the longest-running in the mesothelioma community, and her continued success in her fundraising efforts is truly inspiring.

If you are interested in organizing your own fundraising event, visit curemeso.org/fundraiseformeso to learn how you can get started.

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