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For many reasons cancer patients do not always wish to participate in a clinical trial or are not eligible for trials. I would like all of the patients who are on our site to consider participating in Dr Jill Ohar’s study. It does not involve treatment or travel but does require that you fill out a questionnaire provide saliva for DNA and hopefully add to the scientific inquiry as to what are the Phenotypic and Genotypic Determinants to Identify Patients at High Risk for Mesothelioma. Your data and samples provided are kept confidential and identifiers are coded to protect your privacy. This study has been approved by the Wake Forest IRB and is being conducted under their strict ethical guidelines. Please take a minute to read by following this link . Adding to the scientific body of knowledge will one day result in more effective screening, effective treatment strategies and hopefully a cure. In a study funded by the Mesothelioma Foundation Dr Ohar has identified an alarming rate of cancers in family members of patients with mesothelioma. You can read more about her research by following the quick link. Take a moment and help all members of the mesothelioma community and many more who have been exposed to asbestos and have yet to be diagnosed. This is a rare opportunity that can have a huge impact and requires so little effort on your part. Please join us in the fight and make a difference.

~Mary Hesdorffer, NP

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  1. Yikes. One wonders how this disease by association is explained. In my mind it is not possible unless the family members have direct exposure to asbestos. My mother died in 2004 from meso presumably from laundering my father’s work clothes.

    What, then, is the risk to other family members who were not involved in the laundry process?

    I have wondered what the risk is for the rest of us who lived in the family home. Sometimes I think I do not want to know. But of course I do.

    Mary M.

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