Gleneara E. Bates, MSW, Joins the Meso Foundation Team

Gleneara E. Bates, MSW

We are excited to introduce you to Gleneara E. Bates, MSW, who has joined the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s team as our Director of Support Initiatives and Medical Outreach.

In her new role at the Meso Foundation, Gleneara will support patients and family members and develop patient education programs; work with the medical community on initiatives to help strengthen mesothelioma research and resources; oversee the Foundation’s research grant program; and expand the Foundation’s medical resource library and network of professionals.

Gleneara is a social worker who attended Columbia University School of Social Work and Columbia University Law School. While in graduate school, Ms. Bates worked with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services writing health polices for children in care. During this time, she co-authored a sexual reproductive health policy that was put into action in New York State in Fall 2014.

She is currently a researcher and instructor at Columbia University Medical Center in NYC. Her work focuses on the bio-physiological aspects of tumor resistance in response to chemotherapy in mesothelioma. Her recent studies focus on heat shock proteins and their role in tumor resistance in response to chemotherapy, the role of platinum agents in inducing checkpoint inhibitors related to tumor progression, and the quality of life of mesothelioma patients and caregivers during and post-treatment.

Gleneara hosts a summer internship program for students interested in mesothelioma research. She currently serves on the ASCO Cancer Survivorship committee and IASLC Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation committee. She began her position at the Meso Foundation in October 2016.

Gleneara can be reached at or (703) 879-3821.

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