Eight Promising New Meso Research Grants Awarded – Thank You


Dear Friend,

I am writing you today to say “thank you.”

Whether you donated to us in 2009, sent an email to your representative to increase federal mesothelioma research funding, contacted radio stations for meso awareness day, forwarded our emails to your friends to spread the word, or volunteered to raise awareness and funds – we can’t thank you enough.

Your help and dedication are advancing the search for a cure!

Thanks to your generosity we have just funded eight promising new mesothelioma research projects. This is 60% more than we funded in 2008 and gets us almost back to our goal of ten per year. The exciting new projects include vaccine studies offering hope of targeted treatment without drastic side effects; a novel investigation of the role of hormones in mesothelioma treatment; developing pathway targets synergistic with current first-line therapy Alimta/Cisplatin; and a study specifically focused on improved detection and treatment of peritoneal mesothelioma. Click here to learn more about these eight innovative projects.

We look forward to your continued support and all that we can accomplish as we partner together in 2010 to cure mesothelioma.

Yours in hope,

Christopher E. Hahn
Executive Director

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