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No matter how minor the surgical procedure there is always risk involved. Some of the important questions that need to be addressed are: How many of these surgeries have you performed? How many this year and were they at this particular institution? Will I meet with other members of your team before surgery? What complications have you encountered doing this procedure and how were these complications handled? What are the success and failures reported with this procedure? What are the alternatives to the procedure you are suggesting? Will you be away for any period of time during my post operative time? If so who will be the covering physician? Will you be performing the entire surgery, if you have residents and fellow what will be their role in the surgery? There appears to be a new crop of surgeons promoting themselves as mesothelioma experts. In my book an expert has published extensively in this disease and is at a well respected Academic Institution. Insurance companies are pushing patients to see surgeons and medical oncologists who are not familiar with mesothelioma…that to me is like playing Russian Roulette. In many cases you have one chance to do this right and you need to stop or slow down the process until you have been assured that you have identified the right person. Do not let yourself be intimidated or bullied…you have a right to full disclosure and to be informed about the risks and benefits associated with any procedure you are about to undertake. A second opinion can be a life saving measure and you should avail yourself of this if you have any hesitation that you not be receiving an unbiased opinion. Please call on me and I will help you with this process.

~Mary Hesdorffer, NP

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