Chemoembolization in Mesothelioma

Lately we have had lots of questions regarding the use of chemoembolization in mesothelioma based on a case that has been making the rounds on the various websites.  In Germany a Dr Vogl is currently studying the application of this technique in mesothelioma and other cancers.  It is not a standard treatment in Germany and the number of mesothelioma patients are small.  I contacted Dr Vogl and he told me that he has observed some interesting results in mesothelioma.  What does that mean exactly? It is the correct answer one would expect from a researcher, he is studying this method he is compiling data and will continue to publish the results in peer reviewed journals.  I contacted members of our scientific advisory board as well as other prominent researcher in mesothelioma as well as the International Interventional Radiologist Association who also responded to my request for more information.

So far what I have found out was that in peritoneal mesothelioma it most likely will not be applicable as very rarely do you have a single focus of mesothelioma within the liver itself, it is usually found on the outer portion which would not have an arterial blood supply.  No one had any experience in using this technique with pleural mesothelioma nor was it under investigation at any of our centers.  The papers are published in peer reviewed journals and your oncologist can certainly view them and discuss with you whether he thinks this could be of potential benefit to you.  At this point we will have to wait for further publications that will define the size, location and amount of disease in patients with mesothelioma who have been treated in this manner.  There are reports of one patients having a 50% decrease in the size of her tumor but we do not have further information as to whether this is the sole focus of disease, nor do we know whether this will translate into increased survival.  I have posted 2 abstracts for those of you who wish to read more about this technique.  Dr Vogyl was kind enough to respond to my email and I hope that this will prove to be an effective new treatment to add to our current therapies in mesothelioma.

~Mary Hesdorffer, NP

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  1. Robert Sheldon | June 29, 2011 at 7:57 am | Reply

    My father was diagnosed with epithelial mesothelioma in August 2007. He was given 9-18 months to live. By December 2008 we thought he was very close to dying. Just before Christmas that year he heard of a person who had received treatment from Prof. Vogl and experienced a reduction in the size of her tumour. Despite being almost too ill to travel my father went ahead and paid for a number of treatments at the Frankfurt University Clinic in Germany. In the end I think he had 7. It was very expensive.
    He died in December 2009 on Christmas Day. I strongly believe the treatment from Prof. Vogl prolonged my father’s life by almost 12 months. If it had been diagnosed sooner (the lump on his side was misdiagnosed as a fatty lump to begin with) and if my father had known about the treatment sooner and had that instead of the chemotherapy he had I believe he would have been alive significantly longer.
    Unfortunately he did suffer some complications due to the frequency of the treatments he had over a short period of time but the tumour inside his lung visibly reduced in size by around 50% on the x-rays and on his side the tumour all but disappeared. In the end the cancer was very aggressive and had spread into his abdomen and it was not possible to stem the growth any further.
    I strongly believe this treatment or a derivative thereof could be an effective treatment for people suffering from this type of mesothelioma and possibly others and further research should be done and funded in the UK.

  2. Glad you are details covering TACE. I think there is potential for TACE applied to most all different tissue tumors. Just as my wife who was treated for lung cancer lymph metastases. I’ll bookmark this page

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