The Symposium Goes on Tour in 2018

In 2018, the International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma is once again going on tour. This year, in an effort to provide as many of you with the opportunity to attend, we will bring the Symposium to Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY. Each conference will be a stand-alone one-day event covering topics surrounding treatment, advances, […]

We will miss you, Beth!

We are very sad to announce that today is Beth Posocco’s last day working at the Meso Foundation. Although some of you may not know Beth by name, you have most certainly read her words all over our social media accounts and blog posts, which she wrote and managed.
Beth came to us as an intern […]

Sounds Great, But is it True?

In this day and age, anyone can publish “news” online – it’s inexpensive, quick, and looks official without much of an investment from the publisher. When it comes to mesothelioma and cancer news, it can be challenging to determine whether online content is accurate or even truthful. You may come across articles or blogs with […]

Chapter 6 | Part 1: Boy Meets Girl

After the debacle with the ports, I had an appointment with medical oncology. I talked to them, and together we decided to hold off on the chemotherapy for a while. I was getting married in about a month, and they were nice enough to give me a holiday from treatment for the wedding and honeymoon. […]