Guest Blogs

GUEST BLOG: First Steps to Starting an Exercise Program

by Carol Michaels
Exercise may be the furthest thing from your mind after a cancer diagnosis. Even if you have never been active, exercise can become one of your favorite activities. Ask your doctor before you start to exercise because each person is unique and heals differently. With more medical professionals recommending exercise to their patients, […]

GUEST BLOG: Krisha Deaver and Why She Needs the Symposium

By Krisha Deaver
I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the Symposium last year. I knew I needed to go, but that’s not the same thing.
I needed to go because information is power when fighting an elusive enemy like mesothelioma.
I needed to go because fighting cancer is lonely, and I wanted to […]

GUEST BLOG: Cam Deaver and his Happy Voices

by Cam Deaver
Shortly after my HIPEC surgery, I started hearing voices. Talking, laughing, sometimes crying. But mostly happy. Now I hear them every day. And I often have visions of faces, too.
I’ve never talked with anyone about this phenomenon because it doesn’t upset me. And I don’t think doctors could do anything about it anyway. […]

GUEST POST: Dr. Michele Carbone in Memory of Dr. Baris

By Michele Carbone, MD
This past week-end my friend Professor Izzettin Y Baris died in Turkey.  Dr. Baris, as I called him, was one of the most exceptional individuals I had the privilege to meet. He made a real difference in the life of his patients, and he dedicated his life to improve the conditions of […]