Christopher Graham

Chapter 4 | Part 1: The White Coats

Getting stepped down to the floor was a very nice change from the ICU. For one thing, I was feeling better. That was the whole reason I was able to be stepped down in the first place. So, at least some things were headed in the right direction. My kidneys had still taken the beating […]

Chapter 4 | Part 3: The Unexpected Visitor

A few days passed in the hospital. Some of my friends came to visit. The mix of people who came to visit was interesting, too. I was surprised at some of the people I saw, and some of the people I didn’t see. But more than anything, I was just grateful to have visitors. It […]

Chapter 3 | Part 6: Leaving the ICU with a Plan for the Future

by Christopher Graham
That sense of not being able to tell reality from imagination lasted a couple days. During the days it was okay, but at night it would be really bad. I had many conversations with people who weren’t there. I could hear them talking, talking about stuff that I was really interested in, even! […]