Asbestos and Prevention

Announcing the Meso Foundation’s New Prevention Program

In conjunction with Asbestos Awareness Week, which takes place from April 1-7, the Meso Foundation announced the formation of its new prevention program to complement its existing work in mesothelioma research, education, support, and advocacy.
“As part of the Meso Foundation’s mission, we want to eliminate harmful exposures and extinguish fears of diseases related to asbestos, […]

Deadly Cancer Disproportionately Affects Our Veterans

For many veterans, danger is a relic of the combat zone, a distant memory rarely accessed. However, for some of our dedicated servicemen and women, a new kind of danger can begin 20 to 50 years after returning home.
Mesothelioma is an aggressive and deadly form of cancer connected with exposure to asbestos. Due to its […]

New Discovery: Asbestos Used in Byzantine Art

When we think of asbestos today, we often think of shipyards, construction sites, the automotive industry, and many other places the material was used merely decades ago. However, asbestos has a much longer history. Recent findings reported by LiveScience are now linking asbestos use to Byzantine artwork.
A new discovery from UCLA researchers reveals that Byzantine […]

Japan’s Asbestos Disaster

by Laurie Kazan-Allen
Despite the knowledge that asbestos caused disabling and deadly diseases, the Japanese Government continued to allow the use of asbestos into the 21st century. The protracted process of banning asbestos in Japan was only brought to a successful conclusion on March 1, 2012 when the final exemption allowing asbestos use was terminated. Prior […]