Asbestos and Prevention

Using Situational Awareness in DIY Project Safety

“Do it yourself” (DIY) projects are those that you undertake on your own without the help of experienced professionals. Commonly, a DIY project may include building, repairing, home improvement, or maintenance activities. While this type of project can be enjoyable, cost-effective, and so on, it comes with a risk of exposure to hazardous materials such […]

New Prevention Education Brochures Available

The Meso Foundation would like to announce the arrival of our new prevention education brochure, Preventing Mesothelioma: How to Minimize and Avoid Exposures to Asbestos.
The new brochure provides information about preventing asbestos exposure and answers questions such as the following:

What is the role of prevention?
Why is asbestos dangerous?
Why is asbestos still an issue today?
Where is […]

Situational Awareness is Key to Avoiding Asbestos Exposures

by Diane Blackburn-Zambetti, Director of Policy and Prevention Education
This article is the first of a three-part series regarding situational awareness and its application in preventing asbestos exposure:

Part one will address the definition of situational awareness (SA) and the areas in which SA can be applied
Part two will address SA in regards to encountering asbestos during […]

Thank You to Our Heroes on Memorial Day

In 2013, we published a blog post for Memorial Day. This year, we want to take a look back at this post, as it remains important. The original post follows:
Memorial Day is the time when we honor those who served our country and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation […]

Meso Foundation Recognizes Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day is held annually on April 28, and it consists of dozens of local events held all over the United States. More details about this event can be found in this this post. This year, the Meso Foundation will participate in the Workers Memorial Day Ceremony that will be held tomorrow in Pittsburgh, […]