Welcome back, Mary!

IMPORTANT NEWS: The board of directors of the Meso Foundation is excited to announce that Mary Hesdorffer has been appointed executive director of the Foundation. Though Mary had retired earlier last year, she continued working with the mesothelioma community on a part-time basis in the capacity of patient consultant and also as advisor to the board.

The executive director role opened earlier this month when Melinda Kotzian decided to leave her position at the Meso Foundation after eight years of service. We are sad to see Melinda go and wish her the best of luck as she pursues new opportunities.

After thoughtful deliberation, the board of directors approached Mary to ascertain her interest in coming back in a leadership position. Her skill set and dedication made this an easy decision for them. Mary enthusiastically accepted their offer to once again lead the organization.

“I missed the work. I missed the mission. I missed the camaraderie of the mesothelioma community. I want to keep fighting alongside all of you, and now I can do that again with the full strength of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation behind me,” Mary stated when asked about her decision.

Given Mary’s uninterrupted involvement with the Foundation, business continues as usual. As a reminder, please mark your calendars for our two conferences this year in Minneapolis, MN on June 8, and New York, NY on October 5.

Also, you will notice that in the last few days we released several urgent action alerts about reaching out to your elected officials requesting inclusion of funding for the mesothelioma patient registry in the upcoming appropriations bill. The deadline to get our message across is this Thursday, so please make sure to send the letters we’ve already prepared. Doing so is easy and only requires completing a form with your address.

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