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Meso Awareness Day on Rockefeller Plaza

This year, Meso Foundation staff and over 70 voluteers made it to New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza for an attempt at national visibility. Although we personally didn’t get to speak, mesothelioma and mesothelioma awareness day was mentioned on-air. Here is the video of what viewers saw at home.
And if you’re someone who enjoys photos more […]

Meso Foundation went to IMIG

The International Mesothelioma Interest Group (IMIG) met in Kyoto Japan August 31st through Sept 3rd 2010 and both Kathy Wiedemer and I attended.  IMIG was founded in 1991 and conducts an international conference every two years for scientists with a special interest in mesothelioma. Many groups will hold a conference with some sessions dedicated […]

Research Funding and the Long Road to Drug Discovery

Here is a very interesting article about the man behind Alimta, the first FDA approved drug for mesothelioma treatment.  “His find became tumors’ nemesis”
This article highlights and confirms our need to continue to grow the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s Research Grant Program.  Through our proven peer-review process, we are able to identify the best […]

Asbestos Inspector Faking Data in NYC

As the news of the New York City asbestos inspector continues to astonish and outrage most of us, the implications and the outstanding questions regarding such conduct, continue to puzzle investigators and citizens alike.  Saverio Todaro admitted to have not actually performed tests to backup the hundreds of reports that he has filed, in which […]