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Happy National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week, taking place every year between May 6 and May 12, honors nurses for the vital role they play in today’s health care systems. We at the Meso Foundation would like to thank and recognize all of the wonderful nurses in our community and in the world. Their commitment to protecting and improving […]

Updates from iMig – World trends in mesothelioma, global nursing panel with case studies, personalized therapy, and immunotherapy

Mesothelioma scientists and medical professionals convene at several conferences every year (one of which is our Symposium, the scientific portion of which will take place next year at the NIH) to update one another and present their most recent findings. These conferences are a crucial aspect of their work, as they provide an opportunity for […]

Good luck at Johns Hopkins, Jadmin!

While the prestigious Johns Hopkins University is gaining a talented new graduate student, we are sadly losing our patient support and research assistant, Jadmin Mostel, this week.
In her year-and-a-half tenure with the Meso Foundation, many of you interacted with Jadmin as she introduced you to support groups, helped you with a travel grant application […]

JUST PUBLISHED: New report outlining progress in mesothelioma treatment in 2017

A new article reviewing progress and advances that occurred in 2017 in the management of pleural mesothelioma was just published in the May 2018 issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.
The publication is the result of collaboration among mesothelioma experts from around the world, including several current and former members of the Mesothelioma Applied Research […]

Can pemetrexed’s (Alimta) effectiveness in mesothelioma treatment be improved?

In 2004, over 14 years ago (!), the FDA approved the first ever (and the last so far) mesothelioma treatment drug – Alimta (pemetrexed) in combination with cisplatin. The treatment is now very much considered standard and for some patients the results are dramatic. Unfortunately, patients and physicians alike are well aware of its limitations. […]