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Small Victories and Spotting Moments of Grace

by Marcia Schekel
Some say this is the season to be jolly, to shop and bake and decorate and mail cards, and so much more. They say it is a season of stars, hymns, and candlelight.
Some say it is their favorite time of the year. And all of this may be true for you. Or it […]

How One Meso Foundation Board Member Helps Advance Field at IASLC Conference

Melissa Culligan, a member of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s Board of Directors started her work on Saturday, December 3 at the 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC), held in Vienna, Austria by attending an all day working meeting focused on the development of an Immunotherapy Guideline for clinicians. This working meeting was held […]

Update from World Conference on Lung Cancer 2016 (Mesothelioma Track) – Day 2

Results from studies using PDL1 inhibitors
Today, at the World Conference on Lung Cancer 2016 (Mesothelioma Track), several investigators presented data for their immunotherapy studies. The first three presentations focused on PDL1 inhibitors.
Dr. Paul Baas began the session by presenting data from his Phase II study of nivolumab, an immunotherapy agent. Though his study showed no […]

Mesothelioma Interest Growing

“Mesothelioma is known as a traditionally under-funded and under-studied cancer.”
That’s the answer customarily given to patients, their families, and the public at large when they ask about the very slow advances that were so typical of mesothelioma. Until now.
And while technically that is still true, especially when compared to other cancers, some changes are […]

World Conference on Lung Cancer 2016 – Day 1

This week, representatives of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation are attending one of the largest medical conferences in the world: the World Conference on Lung Cancer, organized by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. The conference which this year has an attendance of over 6,000 delegates, includes a full track dedicated to […]