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What works, and what doesn’t?

I’ve had a chance to gain some distance and perspective over my latest CAT scan results. While they are not horrible, they are certainly not what I had been hoping for, and I find myself right smack back at Square One, wondering what on earth it takes to vanquish this enemy, mesothelioma.
Since my recurrence in […]

Advocacy Preparation for the New Year

After the big election, Capitol Hill is still a bustle trying to fill in the seats in President-elect Obama’s upcoming administration.  The new Obama-Biden government as well as the 111th Congress have their plates full with the challenges of stabilizing a faltering economy.  Luckily for us they will attempt these tasks while considering the overall […]

Should a Patient Pay Cash for an Unapproved Treatment

These are desperate times and I often get asked the question “should I pay for a treatment that my insurance company is denying”?  This often becomes an option after a patient has received standard therapy and possibly one or more clinical trials.  Often a physician has a hunch that a particular drug might have activity in mesothelioma, […]

Campaign Season

Some of you may have received the most recent Action Alert informing you of what you can do during the end of this Congressional Session while the House of Representatives is on recess to campaign for re-election.  The Meso Foundation is urging everyone to contact their Representative to talk to them about the issues, namely […]

The Power of Community

Reading the recent postings, I was struck anew by the sheer power of a force that has never stopped astonishing me since the day of my diagnosis, over 6 years ago. I’m referring to the power of community, and nowhere is everything that term implies more amply demonstrated than here.
I’ve frequently mentioned how, as a nurse, […]