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Pain Talk

One topic that pops up consistently in the meso community is how to manage pain.  I’m not surprised, as this is generally the chief concern of all patients faced with major diseases and their treatment.
Way back when I started in Nursing, decades ago, there were very few options for controlling pain. A patient who complained of pain […]

Substitution of Alimta/Carboplatin for Alimta/Cisplatin

In reviewing the scientific evidence for substituting Carboplatin for Cisplatin it appears that there is very little difference in response rate and survival.   Why do oncologists persist in using Cisplatin as first line? It is data driven.  Cisplatin/Alimta was a randomized placebo controlled trial that compared Alimta/Cisplatin to Cisplatin plus placebo.  In this trial 456 patients participated and a […]

Preparing for Therapy with Alimta and Cisplatin

Alimta also known as Pemetrexed is the first drug ever approved for use in mesothelioma.  It was approved following a large trial that compared Alimta/Cisplatin with single agent Cisplatin.  It was found that patients who received the combination had a survival advantage over Cisplatin alone. This combination is now considered to be the standard of care for […]

Mary Hesdorffer, NP – Medical Liaison

Mary Hesdorffer received her undergraduate degree at the College of New Rochelle in NY and went on to receive her Masters of Science at the same institution. She is fully credentialed as a Nurse Practitioner and has spent 11 years actively treating patients with mesothelioma. Mary has an expertise in the development and implementation of […]