Articles by Meso Foundation

Holidays and Stress

We are all in the midst of the holiday season and for those affected by mesothelioma this can be an extremely stressful time. I would like to urge those who are in need of support or just a good listener to call, I am in town for the holidays and readily available for a chat. […]

Drug Cautions

Just got off the phone with the wife of a patient whose doctor recommended a new drug to treat her husband’s mesothelioma. They were excited to try this new drug until she spoke to her cousin, a nurse, who looked up the drug and cautioned against using it. We spoke soon after this call and […]

Important Study

For many reasons cancer patients do not always wish to participate in a clinical trial or are not eligible for trials. I would like all of the patients who are on our site to consider participating in Dr Jill Ohar’s study. It does not involve treatment or travel but does require that you fill out […]

Internet Hoaxes

I am so tired of getting mass mailings and forwards claiming to cure cancer, bring me luck or save others from peril. the following are some guidelines that we should all follow. i was a victim only this morning by not checking snope which is the best site to dispel internet rumors. Without researching the […]

Provider Roles

Lately I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about who to contact and what is the expected role of the various health professionals that you come into contact with. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed you will either have a consultation with a surgeon, medical oncologist or both. There is a distinct […]