The American Cancer Society Turns 100

AmericanCancerSocietyThe Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation would like to celebrate with the American Cancer Society (ACS) as it is turning 100. The American Cancer Society has helped patients and family members deal with cancer and its effects by providing research funding, educational materials and support. To honor these years of dedication to preventing and treating cancer, the American Cancer Society is asking people to “take a Moment AGAINST Silence.” Statistics state that 2 out of 3 people will survive cancer but that is not enough. It should be 3 out of 3 people surviving. That is why the Meso Foundation is standing with the ACS to finish the fight against mesothelioma by taking a Moment AGAINST Silence. Cancer thrives on silence. The Meso Foundation is here to make noise so that everyone knows about mesothelioma and can get the help they need.

The Meso Foundation is proud to be recognized as the national non-profit for mesothelioma by ACS. The American Cancer Society refers patients to the Meso Foundation to make sure that a patient gets un-biased and accurate medical help from Mary Hesdorffer, NP, who has worked in the field of mesothelioma for over sixteen years.  The ACS knows that when they send patients and family members to the Foundation, they are receiving the latest in medical treatments and support. It is through collaborations like this that the Meso Foundation will continue to get make noise and eradicate the suffering of this disease.


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