April 2010

Asbestos Inspector Faking Data in NYC

As the news of the New York City asbestos inspector continues to astonish and outrage most of us, the implications and the outstanding questions regarding such conduct, continue to puzzle investigators and citizens alike.  Saverio Todaro admitted to have not actually performed tests to backup the hundreds of reports that he has filed, in which […]

21st Century Snake Oil – 60 Minutes Special

Mesothelioma patients and their families are particularly vulnerable to ill-meaning “medicine salesmen”, such as the ones portrayed in this special investigation by 60 Minutes. Take a few minutes to watch these videos and please share if you have personally experienced something similar. The only way to stop these scams is to speak up.
21st Century Snake […]

Follow-Up to NY Times’ article on Palliative Care

In the Sunday Times dated April 11th there were some very thought provoking responses to the article we posted last week regarding palliative care.  I think this is an area of great interest to our patient population and I would like to continue the discussion.  I read with great interest the […]

Empowering the Mesothelioma Community

As the time for the Symposium draws near we are all filled with a sense of excitement.  We strive to build upon the momentum gained in prior years and hope that we meet the expectations of both new and seasoned Symposium attendees.  This year we will have a new roundtable composed of patients and healthcare […]

Palliative Care and Difficult Decisions to Stop Treatment

This Sunday I was struck by the New York Times article titled “Helping Patients Face Death, She Fought to Live,” about Dr. Desiree Pardi, a leading clinician in palliative care who herself became a cancer patient faced with deciding when to stop treatment and when to focus on palliative care instead.
As a practitioner and health […]