February 2010

Meso Foundation-Funded Study Published

Many of us donate to the Mesothelioma Foundation’s Research Grant Program and wonder ‘where do our dollars go, and does it make a difference”?  Today, I came across a study (listed below) published on PubMed, a medical search engine.  I am proud to announce that the Foundation funded this research and yes, it is having […]

Eight Promising New Meso Research Grants Awarded – Thank You

Dear Friend,
I am writing you today to say “thank you.”
Whether you donated to us in 2009, sent an email to your representative to increase federal mesothelioma research funding, contacted radio stations for meso awareness day, forwarded our emails to your friends to spread the word, or volunteered to raise awareness and funds – we can’t thank […]

Health Insurance

Are you having trouble getting insurance to cover your treatment, laboratory or scans? If so the following article has some excellent pointers as to how to challenge your insurance company when it denies your care. Sometimes the problem can be easily rectified as in the case of clerical errors.  Check your […]