10 Years of Dedication: Thank you, Maja!

Maja Belamaric

This year, we are celebrating Maja Belamaric, Director of Communications, who has been working with the Meso Foundation for 10 years!

Since joining the Meso Foundation team in 2006, Maja has become our resident communications guru. Her role at the Foundation encompasses the management and development of all aspects of the organization’s communications online and offline. These include online marketing components such as the website, SEO, mass emails, and social media, as well as development of press releases, newsletters, direct mail pieces, brochures, and annual reports.

“Maja has been vital to the continued success of the Meso Foundation’s operations,” says Melinda Kotzian, CEO. “She is dedicated and passionate in her work and has become an important part of the mesothelioma community.”

When anyone has a problem with our website or online components, Maja takes care of it. If fundraisers are in need of graphics or logos for their events, Maja is there to help. She can often be seen in the back of the room at our annual conference ensuring our live stream is up and running and fielding questions from online listeners. She wears many hats at the Meso Foundation and puts care and effort into each and every role.

As the longest-standing employee at the Meso Foundation, Maja has witnessed the evolution of our operations, programs, and services, and has played a huge role in making it all possible.

“Maja is valued and appreciated by fellow staff, our Board of Directors, and the community, and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for her work over the last 10 years,” says Melinda.

Thank you, Maja!

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